How To: Recover Lost Files and Images

You've had a massive hard disk failure.. your PC or laptop and like a large number of people who think it will never happen to did not have a backup of those 2000+ family pictures, those hundred of important Word documents, those family videos that you downloaded from the camera then erased from the cameras disk...the inevitable "I'm Screwed!'

How To: Use an "all-in-one" SEO plugin to optimize WordPress

If you're looking for a good SEO theme for your WordPress blog, look no further. This video will talk about the WordPress cms users who are searching for these good search engine optimized themes. You may use any WordPress theme, but with the help of all in one SEO plugin, you can make any free theme as search engine optimized. This plugin tutorial explains how to fill the All-in-One SEo plugin settings page effectively to optimize your blog title, post title, page title, category title, home...

How To: Boot Ubuntu on a Macbook From USB

For Windows laptops and PCs it's easy to install Linux. However for Macs, it's a different story. There are people installing Ubuntu on Macbooks and so far I've noticed that they are using 9.10. I've remastered my own Ubuntu 10.04 complete with playing flash videos and other applications already pre-installed on a DVD. Plus, it can boot on laptops with Nvidia graphic cards. If you'd like to see my workaround for Nvidia check out my article on remastering Ubuntu.

How To: Launch applications with AppleScript

This is a short video tutorial on how to launch applications with AppleScript (Script Editor) for the Mac, and there's also a little bit about what to do with the applications after they're launched. You can instantaneously launch different Safari pages on Tiger and Leopard. There's no limit to what you can do, just watch and learn.

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